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Modell Tremiti

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Mezzocubo with following dimensions: 42 x 42 cm H = 42 cm; with surface in exposed aggregate or sanded concrete, or sanded Sardo granite or porphyry pink in the finish, as is evident from the Betonform colour scale. The concrete is made of high quality aggregates, which are weather-resistant and waterproof thanks to high compression.


The design of the Mezzocubo opens to the planner simple yet diverse design possibilities.
A single element provides, depending on the imagination of the designer, thousands of different combination possibilities and gives each park, each garden its own personal touch.

A single element and one thousand solutions!
The idea arises from the pure geometrical figure of the cube. Its admittedly edged nature becomes interesting due to the accurate use of the angle. It allows the Mezzocubo, depending on how it is laid, four basic uses.

The modular form and the very easy installation of Mezzocubo open to anyone who uses it an almost infinite variety of design options.
Design: Andrea Seri