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Supply and placement of refuse containers of the type ECO made of high-quality concrete, with a surface of exposed aggregate or sanded concrete, convex form and following dimensions: 61 x 52 (61 x 26 cm) height 100 cm. They have a capacity of 120 litres (60 litres for wall elements) and a weight of 300 kg (150 kg). The container has two (one) refuse slots; the galvanized metal door is available in different colours (RAL). The locking is done with triangular keys. A metal frame is used to attach the plastic garbage bag. Four (two) built-in adjustable feet ensure accurate levelling.

Dimensions and characteristics:

cmcmcmkg / piece
1006154300 ca.

All-purpose box: Mülly

7fd613a442.jpg DSC00346.jpg

The word "waste separation" is on everyone's lips, and with the application of the polluter principle, finally we all can take our own responsibility, which is "to pay". To ensure that your garbage container is not standing around unprotected and cannot fill by itself over night, with our all-purpose boxes we offer you a convenient and clean solution. If necessary, you may keep two garbage containers under lock or, in case you use only one container, use the remaining space for waste separation, or place your gas bottles inside. Broom and dustpan will also find room there. All-purpose box: Mülly, the all-purpose box by Betonform is made of high quality armoured concrete; the door frame is made of galvanized angle steel, the door panels of galvanized sheet metal with lockable latch handles. The box is thus protected from unwanted access.

Dimensions and characteristics:

lenghtinside dimension
13270114120 x 130 x 64