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Acquario Löffel

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For animals and plants

Like the already extensively approved Löffel, also the type Aquarium” pleasantly deviates from the prosaic concrete wall, precisely because it blends in nature by helping and supporting it. It is a construction of safeguard as well as defence for modern banks, meeting the requirements of an intelligent and ecological regulation of watercourses, that has all the advantages of the conventional system with stones or the classic concrete wall without having any negative effects.


Consolidation of shores and embankments of lakes, channels, rivers and creeks.

Thanks to the possibility of vegetating it with plants and herbage able to mask the wall of blocks the structure perfectly blends in its environment. The Löffel Aquarium is extremely versatile and thus suitable for any kind of situation. It is insensible with regard to limited subsidence of the ground for it has been designed to be able to adapt to possible mutations of the conditions without impairing the solidity and the static capacity of the structure.

The particular form of the posterior trough, integrated by the partition that must be positioned on the inside, it prevents that the current excavates the layer right behind the wall and, in addition, that an element may be eroded and flushed away from its position due to the impact of the current. The element Löffel Aquariumalso allows for winding routes of the banks to consolidate, even if the radii are not constant. The laying of the elements appears to be absolutely fast and effortless.

It is possible to construct consolidations of slopes with an inclination ranging from 25° to 75°.