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Arbalett Löffel

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These walls push the boundaries of your fantasy.

The Löffel Arbalett meets the requirements of noise barriers and of consolidations of plantable slopes.


  • elevated height
  • easy assembling
  • good noise barrier
  • reduced need of space
  • good relationship between green surface and concrete surface
  • circa 1.5 elements per cubic metre

The Laying is carried out line by line on a prepared foundation. In order to increase the stability of the construction vertical elements of connection are used. The inside of the Arbalett is filled with humus layers and drained material at the rear part. Each layer of filling material is gradually compressed. Due to its weight (500kg per element) the elements Arbalett are positioned with the help of mechanic means. In case of a vertical construction we recommend irrigation. In certain situations (resulting from static calculations, heavy loads at the top of the wall or bad conditions of the ground or the elevated height of the wall) elements of prolongation, which increase the profundity of the wall, are recommended.

The kind of foundation depends on the conditions of the bedrock, the height of the wall to construct and its function.

Concave and convex bends are possible without using any special elements. The connection with an already existing wall is carried out with  a special connecting element.

The element Löffel Arbalett makes it possible to construct consolidations of slopes with a maximal inclination of 70°. Connections with wall Constructions

For Connections of wall constructions there is a available.
Delivery and installation of compressed concrete elements type “NEW ARBALETT” for the realisation of retaining walls or walls of gravity, that are self-blocking, self-draining and alveolar vegetal. The elements are shaped like a crossbow and comprise of 115x115 cm; they have a bicorn front of 24 cm maximum height and lateral faces of circa 19 cm height; each element weighs ca. 500 kg, the supporting elements to be put at the rear part comprise 40x26x45 cm and weigh ca 70 kg. The wall is realised due to the superposition of concrete elements, which are alternately clamped by the shoulders and faces. They are adapted for containing the filling material. The rear filling and all other kinds of work necessary for the regular construction of the wall are commissioned.

Technical Consulting
In case of particularly hard or deviant implementations we advise you to consult us. Our technicians are always at your disposal to resolve any problem. The company reserves the right to eventually make modifications.

Characteristics of the concrete: - Compression: average resistance 40N/cubic millimetre (400kg/cubic centimetre) - permeabilità: penetrazione massima 17 mm, secondo UNI EN 12390/8 - classe di esposizione: XC3 - classe XF4 e XF3 available on request.