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Big Löffel®

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The Big-Löffel® primarily functions as consolidation and support of slopes and terraced land. Characteristics The “Big-Löffel” has all the excellent features of the well proven Löffel®. Moreover, it offers additional advantages: it allows for an elevated height of construction, less elements per cubic metre are needed so that the laying takes less time, there is more space to plant the vegetation.


Concave bends (towards the interior): determine the turning radius with regard to the concerned spaces in-between by using the diagram. Then lay the first line of elements with a distance of x (in centimetres). In order to determine this last number one must bear in mind that for a given radius always the smallest distance must be chosen. Convex bends (towards the exterior): determine the smallest possible radius and continue with the laying of the first line of elements with the largest possible distance.There are also special elements in order to realise bends of 90° with a reduced radius for walls with convex bending.

It is possible to construct consolidations of slopes with an inclination ranging from 25° to 75°. In case of little pronounced inclinations the elements must rest on those of the subjacent line with a minimal profundity of 10 cm.