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Eco Löffel®


We have developed the element Eco Löffel® in order to provide a more economic alternative, always relying on the consolidated experiences with the Löffel® family, which has proved to be a great success. It is an element that, thanks to its ingenious dimensions, needs a minimal quantity of concrete, for the realisation of a green alveolar, vegetal wall, and allows for an optimal economic assembling.

For slopes with normal conditions of soil stability and a maximal height of three metres. As an alternative, in connection with wire netting it may function as retaining wall and/or be used for elevated heights. For an optimal use of the element Eco-Löffel® it is advisable to turn to our planning office. The Eco-Löffel® is also perfectly suitable for the realisation of noise barriers type “dune”.

Technical Data

  • Weight per element: ca. 100 kg
  • Size width front: cm 59 ca.
  • Profundity of the block: cm 50 ca.
  • Height of fin: cm 33 ca.
  • Number of elements per cubic metre: minimo 2,7 pz

The foundation can be of gravel or concrete depending on the height necessary, the function of the wall as well as further characteristics to be realised.

Natural vegetation, odorant and ornamental plants or even bushes find a favourable habitat thanks to the patented form of a box, which also functions as collecting tank for humidity.

Technical Consulting
In case of particularly hard or deviant implementations we advise you to consult us. Our technicians are always at your disposal to resolve any problem. The company reserves the right to eventually make modifications.