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The Löffel® family a worldwide success

The main task of spoon rocks lies in fortifying any type of slope. They can be used for the construction of abutments.
Thanks to the body shape, the stones which are filled with soil retain more moisture. These are ideal conditions for the growth of plants and also for a higher security against flushing


The planting of each spoon stone is carried out individually according to an intended purpose of the slope protection and the protection walls. The elements are also suitable for the installation of a drip irrigation system.

Technical data

  • Weight per item: 60 kg
  • Dimensions of each unit:
  • Length: 50 cm
  • Width: 45 cm
  • Number of items per m²: 6,5 pcs
  • Minimum inclination of the wall: 25 °
  • Maximum gradient of the wall: 70 °