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Mini & Micro Löffel

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The new stone: even smaller lightwight and functional

Covering of slopes and the construction of garden walls which are not higher than 100/130 cm (Micro) or 130/180 cm (Mini) respectively.

Plantable, ability of adaptation, insensibility with regard to limited subsidence of the ground, reusable elements, harmony between element, ground and vegetation.


It is possible to construct consolidations of slopes with an inclination ranging from 45° to 75°. 

NumberWallMinimumdistance between the single elements
StrataHeight/mRadius/mx cm
NumberWallMinimumdistance between the single elements
StrataHeight/mRadius/mx cm

Technical data
Weight per element:
Micro: ca. kg 18.5, Number of elements per cubic metre  9 - 11
Mini: ca. kg 19Number of elements per cubic metre: 10/12

Depending on the conditions of the bedrock and the height of the wall to construct. In most cases, a bed of gravel will suffice.

One starts with the first line of elements, which are contemporaneously filled with mould, by leaving open a space of ca. 20 cm between the single elements (exception: bends). Afterwards, the next line is laid (one has to pay attention that the superior blocks are attached on the vertical fins of the two subjacent blocks) and the elements are simultaneously filled with humus and the drained layer of gravel. The inclination of the wall is accomplished by putting back the lines of the superior blocks from the subjacent line (without inclining the blocks themselves which must be laid perfectly horizontally).

The insertion of vegetation can be carried out freely and in consideration of the purpose the consolidations of profiles or slopes or walls may serve.

Technical Consulting
In case of particularly hard or deviant implementations we advise you to consult us. Our technicians are always at your disposal to resolve any problem.