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Triangle Löffel®

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The new face of the green wall

When developing the Triangle we have relied on the established quality of the Löffel® elements. The Triangle differs from the Löffel® due to its rectilinear form and its split front. It additionally offers the possibility of constructing vertical walls.

Function and characteristics
The main function of the Triangle is the consolidation of all kinds of slopes. In contrast to the traditional wall of fair faced concrete the triangle wall allows for the growing of any kind of vegetation; with regard to the other Löffel® elements it differs from them due to its rectilinear form and its split front. Like all other Löffel® elements it is of excellent static quality.

Technical Data

  • Size: see graph
  • Execution: grey or brown
  • Weight: ca. 65 kg per element
  • Number of elements per cubic metre: ca. 6

As in case of the Löffel®, one starts with the first line of elements, which are contemporaneously filled with mould, leaving open a space of ca. 24 cm between the single elements (exception: bends).

One must absolutely pay attention that the cavities of the inferior part of the elements which constitute the second line are outside and in touch with the top of the lateral part of the subjacent elements (see graph).

After having added and drained material to the rear space) and compressed it, one can continue with the laying of the next lines (with the desired level of inclination).It is important that the inclination of the wall is accomplished by putting back the lines of the superior blocks from the subjacent line without inclining the blocks themselves which must be laid perfectly horizontally, even if the foundation is not horizontal.

Connections with wall
Constructions For Connections of vertical wall constructions there is a special connecting element available.

The kind of foundation (foundation of gravel or lean concrete) is determined by the conditions of the bedrock, the height of the wall to construct and its function. Technical Consulting In case of particularly hard or deviant implementations we advise you to consult us. Our technicians are always at your disposal to resolve any problem. The company reserves the right to eventually make modifications.

Invitation of tenders alveolar vegetal wall
Type Löffel-Triangle Delivery and installation of compressed concrete elements type Löffel-Triangle for the realisation of retaining walls or walls of gravity, which are self-blocking, self-draining, alveolar, vegetal. The elements are shaped like a spoon with a footprint of 45x50 cm, a triangular split front of 24.5 cm maximum height and lateral faces of circa 22 cm height; each element weighs ca. 65 kg.The wall is realised due to the superposition of concrete elements, which are alternately clamped by the lateral faces and fronts. They are adapted for containing the filling material. The rear filling and all other kinds of work necessary for the regular construction of the wall are commissioned.

Characteristics of the concrete:
- Compression: average resistance 40N/cubic millimetre (400kg/cubic centimetre)
- PermeabilitY: penetration 17 mm maximum according to the DIN 1048 norm (frost-resistance)