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Noise barriers made of concrete and expanded clay

beton-blaehton2.jpg DSCN0208.jpg SS12-Schallschutz-Steinmannwald.jpg beton-blaehton.jpg

The fact of continuously increasing traffic on roads and on railway tracks as well as the fact that residential areas are built more and more along highways and close to industrial areas are requiring actions which reduce the noise to an acceptable level in order to prevent further damage. Due to a steadily growing environmental consciousness, noise protection is increasingly becoming a central task of environmental protection in general. For years this has been the aim of Betonform by distributing highly tested sound insulation systems.

HE 160 cross bars of the series A, M or B are used according to the static calculation for the installation. On request we also offer the covering of the cross bars. Installation is very simple and easy: the individual panels to be introduced from above into the appropriate tracks of the crossbars.

Our services range from design to production of various noise protection
and screen elements to the construction of complete construction
facilities. Each noise problem - fully resolved!

We offer:

  • individual, tailor-made component design and structural calculations
  • Construction of noise protection walls in all material variations such
    as aluminum, concrete, wood, glass, masonry

Noise protection wall C2

CIMG2571.jpg DSC_0158.jpg P1010014.jpg Schallschutzelement-Typ-C2.jpg

A good design and efficient solutions allow to create a soundproof wall that will ideally fit into nature.




Noise protection wall with the “Löffel” (spoon) element

102-0215_IMG.jpg IMG_1279.jpg loeffel.jpg skizzen-loeffel.jpg

Behind this wall, no one will bother you anymore!
The integration of the “spoon” elements in the landscape or the creation of a separate green artwork is in your hands.

Our “spoon” elements are ideal as they require little space and allow to create easily a green noise protection wall which also works well along roads with heavy traffic. Anyway, it should be considered that the features of a wall depend on a variety of elements. Please, don’t hesitate to take this to our technical team. We can advise on all issues.

Our “spoon” elements are used for small soundproof walls. Ask for detailed information. Our engineers will be happy to help.


Noise protection walls made of wood

Ala-_7_.jpg CIMG1998.jpg CIMG6053.jpg Schallschutz-Bruneck.jpg

A wooden noise protection wall fits perfectly into nature. Several wood samples allow an individual, natural and flexible design.

The noise protection walls of Betonform are not only the ideal fit for the public sector (as for highways and main roads), but for the private sector as well. Upgrade your standard of living by installing one of our noise-reducing and screens wooden walls. Various design elements, as for glass fronts, make sure that the noise protection walls can be ideally adapted to the landscape conditions.
We deliver braid panels or front crossbar systems for a wide range of individual needs. Through our gentle pressure treatment our products are preserved for decades and fit into nature perfectly.

Ask for detailed information! Our engineers will be happy to help.