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Road construction Sesto

DSCN0617.jpg DSC_0389zugeschnitten.jpg Rondell-014.jpg Rondell-019.jpg

The roadside stone model Sesto is composed of high-quality concrete. Due to high compression it is made weatherresistant and waterproof; suitable for road islands and roundabouts.

Dimensions and characteristics

50 cm50 cm40 cmca. 100 kg
curve 45°5040ca. 45 kg





Road construction Bressanone

Arredo-Fotos-10.10.08-241.jpg Arredo-Fotos-10.10.08-249.jpg Schallschutz-Bruneck-023.jpg

The roadside stone model Bressanone is composed of high-quality concrete. Due to its high compression it is weather-resistant and waterproof; suitable for separations of sidewalks and pedestrian zones, as well as for the framing of road islands and roundabouts. There is the possibility to install an illuminant on the top of the curbstone.

Dimensions and characteristics

50 cm30 cm27 cmca. 65 kg





Curbstone Pratiko

IMG_2423.jpg IMG_2451.jpg IMG_2455.jpg f7170f5cd2.gif 832859b6f3.gif

... traffic island our fast and economical solution

With the curbstone „Pratiko,“ all planning and the implementation of traffic islands, sidewalks and bicycle paths or pedestrian zones seem to be easy, fast and effortless. „Pratiko“ allows all sorts of temporary road and temporary limitations for civil engineering and construction detours. With only one element a variety of shapes can be formed.

The „Pratiko“ element is placed directly on the pavement (asphalt, etc.) and fixed with a steel mandrel. It can also be reused.

Design: concrete gray, white, yellow, black

Delivery and installation of „Pratiko - curbstones for the implementation of a traffic island. The single elements with dimensions of 53.5 cm x 15.5 cm and a height of 15.5 cm are galvanized with 12.5 mm steel spikes attached to the floor.


Pratiko II

Pratiko2.jpg Skizze-Pratiko-2.jpg

[Translate to en:] Liefern und verlegen von "Pratiko"- Randsteinen für die Realisierung einer Verkehrsinsel. Die einzelnen Elemente mit den Maßen 53,5 cm x 15,5 cm und der Höhe von 15.5 cm werden mit feuerverzinkten 12,5 mm Stahldornen mit dem Bodenbelag verbunden. Betonwerte des "Pratiko": mittlere Betondruckfestigkeit 40 N/mm2 (500 kg/cm2) Wasserundurchlässigkeit: maximale Wassereindringtiefe an der Oberfläche 17 mm nach DIN Norm 1048 (Frostsicherheit).

[Translate to en:] Die Verlegung hat fachgerecht und laut Angaben der Herstellerfirma und der Bauleitung zu erfolgen. Ausführungen: betongrau, weiß, gelb, schwarz


Maße und Eigenschaften
Maße Gewicht Stück
mm kg/St. lfm
Siehe Zeichnung 24 2,5

Road construction with “natural stone“

Naturstein1.jpg Naturstein2.jpg Naturstein3.jpg Naturstein4.jpg

Natural stones from around the world ...

the right solution, functional, tasteful and inexpensive at the same time!

Betonform is THE experienced team in terms of natural stone products for construction, for town planning and garden design. A real leader in quality and originality of a broad range of technical products.

Ask for detailed information. Our engineers will be happy to help.